Big Update to the Flora of Virginia App

The first major upgrade since the App was released a year ago at the Tri-State Native Plant Conference is now available. Here’s the changes:

  • All-new range maps

    • now color-coded (by county) as to whether a plant is native or nonnative (or whether nativity is uncertain). These maps come from the Digital Atlas of the Virginia Flora, provided by the Virginia Botanical Associates.

  • Updated (and combined) habitat and status information

    • This information (labeled H: and S: in Flora species descriptions) dated to 2011 has been well updated since. Compiled for the Digital Atlas by Gary Fleming, an ecologist with the Virginia Natural Heritage Program, it is maintained in the Digital Atlas as one field. Now we will present them as one field too, “Habitat and Status,” a natural pairing.

  • Updated rare plant information

    • From Natural Heritage as compiled annually by Flora co-author Johnny Townsend.

  • Corrections

    • Users of the Flora and the App have identified errors and typos The App's a great way of getting these corrections out there. 

  • Changed definitions for fern's "pinnate-pinnatifid" and "twice pinnatifid" in Graphic Key.

  • Updated illustration for Dichanthelium yadkinense.

  • Removed Agalinis paupercula var. paupercula.

  • Added terms to Glossary.

  • Added "Also see" in before suggested to see for a family or a genus.

  • Added "Taxa Not Treated" section to References.

  • Updated dichotomous keys.

articleKyle Langford