Northern Neck Native Plants Garden Trail

Want a close-up look at Northern Neck native plants?  Visit these demonstration gardens that were designed to showcase the beauty, benefits and variety of native plants.  All of these public sites feature Virginia native plants, many of which are indigenous to the Northern Neck.  The Plant NNK Natives: Go Native—Grow Native campaign assembled the information n these gardens to inspire those who live and work in the Northern Neck to use native plants in their gardens and to protect existing native vegetation.

Native plants provide many ecological benefits. For example, they are sources of food and habitat for birds, butterflies and many other kinds of wildlife..  Because Northern Neck native plants are indigenous, that is, they were likely growing in one or more of the four Northern Neck counties before European settlers came to the area, they are well-adapted to local soils and climate and can tolerate varying conditions such as drought and flooding. They usually require less watering, fertilization and pesticide application than non-native plants.

Click on the image of the brochure at left to see more information about the gardens. See the map below for locations of gardens, then click on the corresponding number in the list below the map for fact sheets on individual gardens.


8) Reedville Living Shoreline Teaching Garden.pdf
Next to Fishermen’s Museum
504 Main Street Reedville, VA 22539

9) Indian Creek Yacht and Country Club.pdf
Along Road Before Entrance
Park across from maintenance shed on Rt 1103
Kilmarnock, VA 22482

10) Lancaster Community Library.pdf
6 Town Centre Drive Kilmarnock, VA 22482

11) Boys and Girls Club.pdf
517 N. Main St. Kilmarnock, VA 22482

12) Lancaster County Judicial Center.pdf
8265 Mary Ball Road Lancaster, VA 22503

13) Belle Isle State Park.pdf
Visitors’ Center
1632 Belle Isle Road Lancaster, VA 22503


1) Westmoreland State Park Visitor Center.pdf
Visitors' Center
145 Cliff Road Montross, VA 22520

2) Stratford Hall.pdf
Entrance Booth
483 Great House Road Stratford, VA 22558

3) Menokin.pdf
Visitors’ Center
4037 Menokin Road Warsaw, VA 22572

4) Rappahannock River Valley Wildlife Refuge.pdf
Wilna Lodge
336 Wilna Road Warsaw, VA 22572

5) Wild Bunch Wildlife Rehabilitation Refuge.pdf
Flight Cage
7231 Newland Rd Warsaw, VA 22572

6) Northern Neck Planning District Commission.pdf
457 Main Street Warsaw, VA 22572

7) Old Courthouse Garden.pdf
72 Monument Place Heathsville, VA 22473



Researched and written by Paula Boundy and Janet Pawlukiewicz, Northern Neck Chapter of the Virginia Native Plant Society. Photographs by Janet Pawlukiewicz. Brochure design by Barbara Brecher.  Production funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce, NOAA, to the Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program.