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NNNPS October Meeting

The October meeting of the Northern Neck Chapter of the Virginia Native Plant Society (NNNPS) will be held on Thursday, October 18th at noon at the Wicomico Parish Church (Episcopal), on Rte. 200 in Wicomico Church.

Brian Barnes, Lancaster County’s Environmental Compliance Officer, will review the County’s efforts with environmental matters, emphasizing wetlands and invasive plants species and the Chesapeake Bay Act. This presentation continues last month’s wetlands theme from the perspective of a county mandated to protect and enhance wetlands–a most vital habitat as a nursery, and for shelter and food production.

After education at Virginia Tech and experience as a farmer, Brian has engaged with residents, landowners, businesses, schools and contractors for ten years to protect the County wetlands as vital and necessary resources. As the main staff person for Lancaster Co.’s wetlands board, Brian also covers everything from education to enforcement.

The program will also include a description of the Showy Bur-marigold, (Bidens laevis), a pretty, yellow-blooming fall wildflower which is the chapter’s Native Plant of the Month for October. And we will have another “Roadside Attractions” presentation by Betsy Washington. This was started last month and is a picture/talk presentation of the some common, now blooming plants along our roadsides. You can see last month’s presentation of ROADSIDE ATTRACTIONS here

Please bring a brown bag lunch; some snacks and beverages will be available for a short social lunch before the presentations.